Re: Vector interrupts

Started by B Flinn August 19, 1999

Using the following
ADSP 21061 EZ-Kit Light board with EZ-Ice probe running under ADSP-21061
EZKit Emulator (Wice_ez) release 3.3, release date 12/1/96, version #2.3,
silicon Rev 12, using the built in kernel for RS232 comm so I can write to
the DSP from host p.c. using comm without stopping the Emulator to write to
the DSP.
I am attempting to implement a Vector Interrupt. I have set the imask
VIRPTI bit and enabled global interrupts & nesting in the mode1 register. I
run my program with brake points set to the vector location, and varify I am
indeed receiving the correct value for the vector to VIRPT. No interrupt
ever happens, no VIPD bit in the SYSTAT, no IMASKP VIRPT bit, nothing. Even
stopping the emulator and forcing a value in the VIRPT directly then single
stepping does not generate a VIPD bit or a interrupt. What am I doing