Blackfin Processor-BF532

Started by saravana karthikeyan June 22, 2004
 I am a new member for this group.
I am working in ADSP-BF532 blackfin processor project.I am an Electrical and Electronics engg student.I have not studied abt DSP.
In my company i am the only guy working under this.Here there is no guide for me.I need urs help.
    In BF-532 there is one LED is connected to programmable flag no-11.
First step how to write a visual dsp++ program to blink the LED for some.how to write a program to access the programmable flags.
    What is the program for storing the data in to the data register and memory.
I need a guide from this group to give the details abt ADSP_BF532 and visual dsp++ software.
with regards

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