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Started by Jaime Andres Aranguren Cardona July 9, 2004

--- saravana karthikeyan <>
> Dear andres
> I am using ADSP-BF532 in my project.
> I have JTAG-Emulator and visual DSP++
> 3.1version.

Good setup!

> Flash-AM 29LV004BT.what is the procedure
> to write some data in to the memory and read from
> the flash memory thru JTAG Emulator.

Do you have the flash memory's datasheet? I'd expect
that reading and witting data from/into the flash
memory would be as simple as doing so for a "normal"
peripheral, provided that you implement the proper
waveforms, with the proper timing, according to the
memory's datasheet.

You can write a program on the DSP side, which
implements the needed protocol as described on the
memory's datasheet, and have the data you want to
program into the flash memory as some data in the
internal memory of the DSP. So, with the JATG emulator
you load this special program (which is actually named
a "bootloader"), which simply transfers the data to be
programmed into the flash just form the DSPs memory.
So, you'r flash memory will now be programmed. Then,
you can unplug the emulator, and everytime you powerup
the system, the DSP will be programmed with the data
contained in the flash memory.

is it a bit clearer now?



> I am waiting for ur valuable Guidence
> Thanks&Regards
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Jaime Andr Aranguren Cardona