AW: how to transfer data thru SPORT

Started by Bernhard Holzmayer August 4, 2004
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> Betreff: [adsp] how to transfer data thru SPORT
> Dear All,
> I am a beginner in ADSP-BF532.I am using Blackfin summit ICE and
> visual dsp++3.0 software.
> how to transfer the data through SPORT&UART.what is VDK.
> how to create a kernal for program.
> if there is any code to transfer the data thru SPORT & UART please
> sent it to me.
> i am waiting for ur valuable Guidence.
> Regards
> menaka

Did you look into the documentation area on ADI's web site?
You'll find lot of information including sample code.

You may wish to start here:

or there: