Starting Blackfin

Started by a_ma...@mail.ru November 8, 2005

I just start learning ADSP-BF532 processor. In this branch I'd like to ask occasionally about the things yet unclear for me. Every your answer is very valuable.

I'm planning to connect ADSP-BF532 to two boot flash memories: AM29LV400 and AM29LV320 in 16-bit mode. Every flash will be mapped on separate asynchronous memory bank. What consequences it can bring to, if I leave processor's #ABE1,0 pins not connected, and single #BE inputs of flash memories tied high.

Farther I have to glue a SDRAM to the processor. Could you tell if Samsung K4S641632 fit BlackFin? I've never had a deal with SDRAM, and to my shame, know little how it works. Where can I read about its operation? What I have to do then with DQM signals?