Re: Digest Number 1324

Started by Gene-eng January 17, 2006
> i am facing one problem regarding the sweep waves generation from the sine
> actually the sweep waves are continous sine wave with varing frequencies.
> but the problem is when the frequency changes the amplitude also changes.
> i am doing asm coding on the 21365 ADSP sharc processor.
> please help me out from this one.
> thanks
> abhishek

See the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, volume 50, no. 3 "Effect
Design" on oscillators, and "Practical Aspects of Digital Sinewave
Generation Using Second-Order Difference Equation" IEEE Transactions on
Circuits an Systems vol. CAS-32 pp. 510-511. Both papers address remedies
for amplitude changes when you make frequency changes.

Gene Goff
Ashly Audio, Inc.