serial with SPORT on ADSP-21261 work wrong!

Started by verd...@email.it January 23, 2006

I have implemented on ADSP-21261 a serial tx rx by use of sport, how suggested in the application note EE191:

At rx I set the clock of the SPORT for oversampling the freq. of serial communication by 3:

//bit rate 9.9 kbit/s --> freq of oversampling = 9.9 k * 3 = 28.8 kbit/s
//CLKDIV3 = [fCCLK(147,456 MHz)/4 x SPORT_CLK(28.8 kHz)] - 1 = 1279 d = 0x4FF



When i see the rx byte some bit are wrong, I think that a oversampling by 3 is not sufficient, but for the SPORT is the max setting. what of thoughts?

Regards Verdrex