SHARC 21369 to also execute general purpose code ?

Started by Laurent May 2, 2006
Yes, that sounds like a good idea.
As you mentioned though, it requires an additional chip ( probably not too
expensive ).

But i like the fact that the LCD update will be transparent to the DSP.

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> Another approach is to use the serial port and slow down the data rate
> until the LCD only gets one byte per usec. Then you can use 1 DMA
> transaction to update the entire display.
> If the LCD is a parallel device, TI makes a logic chip that is a
> serial to parallel converter. This can be used to interface the Sharc
> serial port to the LCD.
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>> On Fri, 5 May 2006, Laurent wrote:
>> > I presume it could sound kind of strange to have the Audio ISR at
> a lower
>> > priority than the LCD refresh.
>> > Of course i don't want any glitch in the Audio, it's my first
> priority. But
>> > if possible, i also don't want any "glitch" in the LCD refresh.
>> Since a glitch in the lcd won't be noticed at all but a glitch in audio
>> will be, make the audio higher priority. Put the lcd at 30 usec so
> it is
>> slightly faster than you need, but plenty slow enough to work well.
> Then
>> glitches won't be noticed anywhere.
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