Query Regarding TS201-SDRAM controlling process

Started by Santosh Kumar May 18, 2007
Hai all,
I am santosh working on Tider sharc 201 processor.

currently my work is testing of the board developed using TS201s and with some components.In this we r testing the controlling of SDRAM(which is micron company's one)through tiger sharc processor.

what we done is,we enable SYSCON and SDRCON registers for SDRAM enable
then We r not getting how to test the data read write operations on Micron SDRAM through TS201S.

and both tiger sharc and that micron SDRAM device has commands Active,precharge,read,write like this

so How can we use these commands for the programming in C and how we have to relate those two devices through those commands

if any body knows plss help me

Thanks in advance.


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