Memory to memory transfer using 1D-MDMA

Started by ratio30 July 14, 2007

I am new to ADSP-BF533. I'm working on a image processing project for
video input on the Ez-Kit Lite board.
Color video data are captured and stored in the BF533 external SDRAM
in the following order:
Cb0 Y0 Cr0, Y1, Cb2 Y2 Cr2, Y3, Cb4 Y4 Cr4, Y5, Cb6 Y6 Cr6.... where
each Y, Cr and Cb is 8 bits.

My problem is this:
I want to do this kind of transferring: Cb0 Y0 Cr0, Cb2 Y2 Cr2, Cb4
Y4 Cr4, Cb6 Y6 Cr6... from external SDRAM to internal memory using 1D-
In other words I want to have as many Cr and Cb samples as there are
Y samples. So I have to transfer 3 bytes in 4 bytes.
What is the right DMA source stream configuration? What are the
settings for MDMA_S0_X_COUNT and MDMA_S0_X_MODIFY using 720x480
Have you any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance.