Error li1021 library functions missing

Started by steh...@hotmail.com August 6, 2007
I am trying to compile a C code in adsp-2188 simulation environment on VDSP 3.5. The problem I am facing is that the linker cannot find certain symbols.
[Error li1021] The following symbols referenced in processor 'p0' could not be resolved:
'__cmpli3 [___cmpli3]' referenced from '.\Debug\melp_ana.doj'
'__lib_restore_frame [___lib_restore_frame]' referenced
from '.\Debug\dsp_sub.doj'
'__lib_save_frame [___lib_save_frame]' referenced
from '.\Debug\dsp_sub.doj'
'__memcpyDD_inregs [___memcpyDD_inregs]' referenced
from '.\Debug\melp_chn.doj'
I have been able to see that cmpli3 is used for comparison of long integers, but I am seeing it getting included on statements which use short variables. I cant find where the other functions are being used. Is there a library file that I need to include to get this compiled? How can I resolve this issue?

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