Problem in ISR - 21160M

Started by jksf...@gmail.com December 17, 2008
Hai everybody,
---> I am using Sharc-21160M processor in multi processor environment.
---> I am doing inter processor communication through link ports.
---> interruptf function is been used to map my function to the ISR.
My problem is I am getting into ISR(in Tx side) once I transmit the data from one processor to the other. But the processor is hanging, since the control is not back from the ISR. When i tried to probe in further i find that the instruction which fetches the return address is not executed at all. The control from ISR is going to some location and not able to return to my function.This happens only when i do "Multiprocessor RUN".... When i put a breakpoint and single step i can get back to my routine... Can anyone help me out in sorting this problem???
Thanks in advance.....