EZ-KIT LITE Simulator problem

Started by Richard Armstrong July 9, 2001
Hi all,

In the process of learning ADI's assembly language, I've stumbled on what I
think is a bug in the simulator software that shipped with my EZ-KIT (I have
release 3.3, version 2.30 of the software). In the SHARC 2106x user's guide,
chapter 3.6.6 "Status Stack Save & Restore", there's the following passage:

"Note, however, that the FLAG 3-0 bits in ASTAT are not affected by
status stack pushes and pops; the values of these bits carry over from
the main program to the service routine and from the service routine
back to the main program."

I've written a timer ISR that toggles the FLAG2 bit in ASTAT and I've
managed to blink the FLAG2 LED on and off...exciting!!!! (I must remember to
get out more often). Unfortunately, this same code fails in the simulator
because upon returning from the ISR, the ASTAT stack is (apparently) popped
and my FLAG2 bit gets (incorrectly) reset to its previous (pre-interrupt)

I have three questions:

1) Who maintains the simulator? (I'm hoping it's Bittware instead of ADI...I
doubt that I would have any luck getting ADI to fix the simulator; I don't
imagine that it's a high-priority thing for them).

2) Anybody seen a newer, fixed version of the simulator available

3) Better yet, is the source code available?

I looked around on Analog's FTP site and found updates of some of the other
tools, but saw no
update for the simulator. Thanks in advance,

Rick Armstrong