Re: cos function problem (fwd)

Started by Mike Rosing July 23, 2009

I don't know if you meant to post this or not, but it's a good comment.
If that line wasn't commented out, this is something to check.

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Mike ,

The manual states that the input is interpreted as radians here it appears that the multiplication of 180/pi is converted to degrees. I think this might be the problem.

Jon Duncan

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If this is the code you used, then it's correct. angle is set to zero
and never changed (you commented it out here).

On Thu, 23 Jul 2009, stehseen@hotmail. com wrote:

> I am using the cos function provided in ADSP218x c library. I am using it in the following function
> void GenerateFilter( short Key, short * H, short * G)
> {
> short i;
> short coeff;
> float fN=(float)N;
> float angle=0;
> float cAngle;
> float fangle=(2*3. 1415*(Key+ 0.5))/fN;
> for(i=0;i > {
> //angle=(fangle* i*180/PI) ;
> cAngle=cos(angle) ;
> coeffgle* 32767;
> H[i]=G[i]*coeff;
> angle=angle+ fangle;
> if(angle>4*PI)
> angle=angle- 4*PI;
> }
> }
> Let Key be 49. The fangle becomes 0.868739 and the angle increments by
>0.868739 in each loop. cos function assumes values in radians. When cos
>is called with 0.868739 as input the output is -8.90891e-006, againt the
>output in matlab which is 0.6458. I cant understand why is cos function
>not working properly.