Help on Video input and output in BF533

Started by abcd...@yahoo.co.in April 16, 2010
Hi all,

I am using BF533 EZ-KIT Lite for my project on video processing. I have tried running the example codes( both C and ASM) for video input. The problem is I am getting a gray image on image viewer once I run the code and halt it.
So please tell me where this image is stored(memory address)? and what should be the configurations of image viewer window.
I also tried VideoEcho code provided, but I'm not able to get the video frame.
So please tell me
1.) Where the video frame is stored by these codes( DSP Memory?) and the memory address.
2.) What are the initial configurations required?
3.) I'm using a 12MP handycam for video input. SO what are the different changes i have to make to get the code running?

Thanks for the help.. Please reply with your ideas..Please its Urgent!