Blakfin in the DS1052E Scope

Started by dimlow_uk April 19, 2010
Are there any blackfin experts here looking for a challenge ?

Over at Eevblog forum we have managed to hack the 50 Mhz DS1052E Rigol scope to the faster 100Mhz DS1102E just by changing the serial number. But on some occasions this has not worked and we need to reprogram the boot flash from a copy that is from a working scope.

The problem is nobody there seems to know the blackfin processor or how to do this. On the board of the scope there is a JTAG like connector and also a SPI connector that we believe is used for the original programming of the scope. We need someone with experience with these processors to have a play and see if we can reload the firmware from a working scope to a non working scope.

Any Takers on this ?

More details can be found in these forums.

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