I2C Interface of 3 ADAU1701 and one eeprom

Started by ramm...@ymail.com May 25, 2010
hi all..
In my project(a 6 Channel audio device) i'm using three ADAU1701.
In preliminary session of project i used separate eeprom for each ADAU. Since each ADAU carry less algorithm i thought to use single eeprom for 3 ADAU and to connect three using i2c mode. I used sigma studio s/w for coding.
But here exist some problem..

1)As per mentioned in Data sheet i connected the address pins of three ADAU

0 0 0 - 0x68
0 1 0 - 0x6A
1 0 0 - 0x6C

but when i tried to set the address in hardware configuration window of Sigma studio as above the communication failure occurs.Why it happens?

2)But when i set the address of 3 ADAU same as 0x68 in configuration window without changing the connection of adress pin in my board communication was success.Although its incorrect addressing.
but i'm unable to write this in eeprom.

3)Also there are differences in algorithm of each ADAU.How can i make out which Ic's algorithm is loaded in each one..if it happen so. i mean 3 ADAU with same address.

4)i made hardware connection of address pins as per data sheet
ie first one 00
2nd 01
3rd 10
i think there is no hardware mistakes.

please Help me to get rid of these problem.