Fwd: HP-USB-ICE Emulator set breakpoints for TigerSharc Multiproc system

Started by Daniel May 28, 2010
just checking:
-You have made a project which contain several files.
-You have compiled this project and loaded into the ezkit.
-Then you can only put a breakpoint in "main" files.

Have you checked you are compiling for debug and not for release? Are you
compiling with debug information? (check Project Options doing right-click
on project tree).
Just a silly suggestion but that happened to me last week.


> Hy Everybody,
> Sorry for starting a new thread for this, but I would have another question
> in connection with setting breakpoints during emulation.
> Now I have a hardware makeup, which consists of two TigersharC processors
> which don't use common memory, and they use link port for communication with
> each other.
> I have a project consists of many asm and C source files, and tow main
> functions since it is a multiprocessing system. I'd like to debug during
> emulation, which for I use an HP-USB-ICE Emulator. Now I'm able to set
> breakpoints in the source window (and both in the disassembly window) during
> emulation, but not everywhere I wanted.
> Now the situation is the following:
> After I build and load my project to the emulator, I can see that the two
> main files (maindsp0.c, and maindsp1.c) are visible in my source window as:
> DSP A (ID0): maindsp0.c, and DSP B (ID1): maindsp0.c . Now I am avaliable to
> set breakpoints in the source window, but only for this two main files, in
> other asm or c source files I cannot, there ara no error messages or
> warnings or anything else, simply nothing happens.. But If I run the
> program, and I halt it, I can see that other source files are "loaded to or
> something" to the DSP-s, these soure files jump up in the source window, and
> they will be named similarly like like the main file-s (for example: DSP A
> (ID0): brcFAN.asm ). And then I can set breakpoint in these files to, but
> only in these, which are "loaded".
> So my question would be: How can I set breakpoints in any files of my
> project in the source window, before I'm steping into these files during
> run? I could use some explanation araound breakpoints:)
> Thank you very much for your answers!
> Regards,
> Chester