A query regarding ADSP 21060 Linkport Usage!

Started by P Narayanaswamy November 26, 2001
I am using VisualDSP tools(Release version 2.2) for the SHARC
processors. I am completely new to ADSP tools. I am trying to experiment
with data transfers through LinkPorts. When I tried with the LoopBack
examples(both the core access and DMA access) given in the manual, I was
able to successfully compile the programs, but when I run it in the
debugger, no data is received in the receive buffer(LBUFx) and no status
is updated in the LSTAT register. Even if I write more than two words in
the transmit buffer, it simply accepts, it doesn't reflect any status in
the LSTAT register. I doubt whether I need to do any settings in the
VisualDSP Integrated Development Environment or in the debugger??? I don't
know how to use the link ports (both for internal loopback and for
external data transfer) and how to view the handshaking signals in the
Anyone who has worked with this earlier, please help me out in
Thanks a lot in advance,
Potturu Narayanaswamy