Input/Output to MP3 Decoder on ADSP-218x EZ-ICE/KIT

Started by bhagawan reddy October 10, 2003
         I am working on Hardware Interfacing of MP3 Decoder code on ADSP-218x
   MP3 Decoder code was succesfully tested on ADSP -218x Simulator .File
Input/Output was through Streams (Settings).
But the streams option will be disabled when the target is EZ-ICE.
Can any one suggest me a testing methodology for MP3 Decoder code on EZ-ICE/KIT?
(other than Overlays)
The Input Buffer for the code is  2048 Bytes and the Output buffer is 4608
The size of a typical MP3 file is 4MB . The input is sample based and each
sample is 16 bit.
Waiting for reply.
	Thanks in advance.