Aloccate, store values in Flash memory

Started by pier...@jaqpot.net February 9, 2009
I'm using a development board (F2808). I used the JTAG interface to load my program into Flash Memory (with the Flash plugin in CCS3.1). Everything works fine.
I need to allocate a specific area into flash memory to save a table, for example. Thoses values will be modified during a calibration process (after having program the unit F2808) and the idea is to avoid loose them after "reset".

I tried to use the #pragma command, as follow

#pragma DATA_SECTION(TABLE ,"calibTables");

volatile struct c_tables TABLE;
struct c_tables {
_iq19 table1[NC_STEP];
_iq19 table2[NC_STEP];

and here is my f2808.cmd where I allocated an area into FLASHB with the following line :

calibTables : > FLASHB PAGE = 1

I cannot access the c_tables structure and obtained an error during compilation :
error: identifier "c_tables" is undefined

It's the first time I touched to the memory map as you will understand ! Thanks for your help !