simulink and i2c for c28335 dsp

Started by gast...@yahoo.com March 31, 2009
i try to make a connection between dsp c28335 and msp430, i use simulink to do the i2c link, but the dsp is not responding to the msp430, i use the oscilloscope to see the data and clk lines, but the only thing i can see is the clock generate by the msp430 to send the slave address to dsp, but this is not responding. why????
i use the the pull up resistor in those lines, so this s not the problem, i use the 7 bit address, what is missing???

Dear Gaston,
I am not a Simulink user, so I can't give you direct help. However, our product, VisSim, can read in Simulink diagrams directly and supports both MSP430 and F28xx I2C with no problem. We have used VisSim to generate MSP430 code with I2C comms, and also generate the F28xx side with I2C comms and it works well. You can download a free trial of VisSim from www.vissim.com/downloads/demos.html and look at the example that reads and writes EEPROM on the F28335 eZdsp. The example is under VisSim/DSP > Examples > F283x > eepromReadWriteF28335.vsm
You can generate code and compare it to Simulink to see what might be the difference, or you can import the Simulink diagram to VisSim and try your algorithm in VisSim.