No interrupt from SEQ1!

Started by August 12, 2009

I am working with F2808 DSP and I can't find solution to a stupid problem with ADC. Simply SEQ1 won't throw an interrupt.

I start conversions in software (i.e. by setting SOC_SEQ1=1),
SEQ1 interrupt is enabled
(AdcRegs.ADCTRL2.bit.INT_ENA_SEQ1 = 1;),
ADCINT in PIE register is enabled
(PieCtrlRegs.PIEIER1.bit.INTx6 = 1;),
INT1 level in CPU is enabled
(IER |= M_INT1;),
interrupts are globally enabled (INTM=0).

I've checked all the bits connected with interrupts, INT_SEQ1 remains 1 but CPU won't throw an interrupt. Paralelly, interrupts initiated from PWM are thrown normally.

I tried TI's example ("adc_soc") and the situation the same. Is there any known bug/problem with this chip when it comes to ADC interrupts??

Thanks in advance,