RTDX and interrupts

Started by Aleksandar Borisavljevic December 28, 2009

Does anyone have experience in using RTDX communication with 28xx DSPs?

I've been struggling for a long time to establish communication between my
F2808 DSP, which I use for a high-speed motor control, and a PC. I have
succeeded to send and receive data to and from DSP, using parts of a code
that I found in 'rtdxtutorial' in Matlab, but I cannot make both RTDX and my
interrupts to work in the same time.

It seems that I have to use TI file 'intvecs.asm' with RTDX (nothing else
works) but I did not succeed to re-initialize PIE to execute my interrupt
routines correctly. (The best I did was that my PWM ISR gets executed on and
on, as if it was always pending.)

Can I somehow omit intvecs.asm? What should I do with interrupt vector table
in my code so I can use RTDX without intvecs.asm? OR

How should I modify intvecs.asm so my ISRs execute?

I would be grateful if anyone could send me an example with where both RTDX
communication and interrupts work.
Thanks and greets