Getting started (from the very bottom)

Started by fran...@ieee.org November 8, 2010
Hi, I'm a college student from argentina and I've received a Texas Instruments DSP Control Card with a 320F2808 and another with 320F28335, and I'm kind of lost. I've downloaded the CCSv4 and tryed to begin programing, but I found I´m missing the basic concepts. If any one can help me with this, I will be very thanked.

My basic questions are:
1) How do I adress the registers in the core? I've downloaded the header files from Ti's web site, but they dont clarify much.
2) I don't have a schematic of the board (controlCARD) so I don't know wich pins are conected with each led or pin.
3) Do I heve to map the memory inside the chip?, I've seen something like that in some examples.

Finally, if someone can give me some advices on how to begin...