Controller program doesn't work in flash F28035.

Started by "Dr. DHARMRAJ V. GHODKE" April 13, 2011
Hello everybody,
The three phase PFC controller program was developed in CCS 3.3 using control card F28035 RAM, now I want to flash it, the following changes I made to run it from flash.
Option – customize – debug properties – perform go main automatic – disable.
-         connect to the target at the start – disable.
-         program/project/CIO – load program after build – disable.
Selected F2803X_FLASH as option to run program.
After rebuilt all, following procedure is used to flash it.
TOOL – F28XX on-chip flash programmer – operation load [XX.out] file,
And then click on erase.program.verify – then click on RUN,
This above said procedure works with out any error, a code included in the ISR to toggle the port-34 works fine, but the instruction written using IQ maths library doesn’t work, as it works in RAM.
What changes are required to successful run from flash?
Thanks in advance.