My DSP got locked!

Started by nima...@yahoo.com December 21, 2011
Hello everybody
I am using the on-chip flash programmer in CCS 3.3 to program a F2812. After clicking execute program in the on-chip flash programmer window, first it started working normally but at the beginning of the erasing procedure it stopped. I waited for a long but there was no progress in that procedure. I decided to close the on-chip flash programmer window, reset the board and unplug the USB connector of the JTAG. Now, I can connect to the board using the JTAG, but I can not program the flash. The device is locked! When I click File->Load program, it works normally. Then, I can run the program using F5 button, but it seems (I think) that nothing will be loaded to the DSP and it just use the old code to run. I mean I change the code, compile and load it into the DSP from File-> Load Program but no changes will happen in the function of the code! It is the second time it is happening to me! First time I changed the DPS chip and soldered another one. But this time I don’t want to miss the DSP, I want to know the reason! :(
Was it happened to any of you? How can I solve my problem?