VC33, with CC 4.1 and XDS510PP Plus

Started by Kevin Howson November 11, 2003
Hi Guys,

One of our customers is seeing a strange problem when debugging his VC33 code.
He has a VC33 target board hooked up to Code Composer 4.10 with an XDS510PP Plus
emulator. He has a small routine that is not returning properly. Looking at the
code generated by the compiler, he can clearly see the instructions in the
routine and the end of the routine - an unconditional branch to the address in

If he places breakpoints on the last five or so lines of assembly code and
effectively steps through to the end of the routine, then the value in AR1 is
correct and it executes correctly. If he removes the breakpoints, or simply has
one breakpoint 5 instructions before the end of the routine and another on the
branch instruction then the routine branches to oblivion. The value of AR1 being
correct 5 instructions before the end but junk by the time that the branch is

Has anyone else come across anything like this before?

Best Regards,

Kevin Howson
Technical Manager
Kane Computing Ltd