Re: Help start the VC33 emulator

Started by Keith E. Larson December 10, 2003
Hi Max

When you say that the debugger 'sees the board' what exactly do you mean?
The old DOS debugger will sure enough see the XDS510, but it wont know what
to do with the JTAG pod, or the VC33 connected to it (internal driver
information was for MPSD only).

The first thing to do is make sure you have installed 'Service Pack 2' for
CC. Without it, CC is at best 'weird'. I am supposing that when you said
the EMU recognized the board that you were able to install/configure the
correct driver.

1) From "Available Board/Simulator Types"
select -> C33 Emulator (Texas Instruments)

2) Accept the driver. The information I have is as follows
IO Port should be 0x240
driver name/location is C:\TIC3X4X\drivers\tixdsvc3x.dvr

3) Click "Add Single"

4) Click "Finish"

If this does not get things up and running the next thing I would do is
question the multiple CC installations. Even though the C33 CC is somewhat
'compartmentalized' and different from the other CC environments, it may not
be immune to the other installs. I know for example that C54xx/C6xxx CC
combinations are a total mess. I think the Hotline eventually came up with
a scheme that allowed them to swap in and out the PC environment space.

OS compatability might also be an issue. I know that the XDS510PP and
XDS510USB products are WinNT/XP/2K capable, but Im not sure about the
XDS510-ISA. I happen to be using this EMU platform myself, but I have
resisted the move to Win-XP for other reasons. If you are using XP you
might want to try 'compatability mode' where the OS relenquishes the IO channel.

Best regards,
Keith Larson

At 02:44 PM 12/10/03 -0000, you wrote:
Hi all,

Please help me select an upgrade for my existing tools. I am porting our own
TMS320C31 based image processing equipment to the new VC33 platform. We
purchased chips with the CB-23A3JCW date code and built our own boards. My
problem is how to start the new system with an emulator.

The new board comes up in the PLL mode, H1/H3 pins at 60 MHz, and tries to
use the bootloader but the flash memory is empty.

I have an XDS510 ISA bus board and a JTAG 3/5 V pod. For the old design, I
used an MPSD pod and a DOS emulator program, TMS320C3x Debugger Version
5.11. With the JTAG pod, the debugger can see my board but it does not
recognize the VC33. I also have Code Composer Studio v2.10.0 with build
tools for the C54xx and C55xx.

Where can I find a newer DOS debugger?
How to obtain CCS build tools for the VC33?

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