New Book on DSP Applications with C6713 DSK

Started by chassaing October 30, 2004
Announcing my new book (scheduled for publication on November 19): "Digital Signal Processing with the C6713 and C6416 DSK," Wiley, 2005. 
The C6713 DSK has replaced the C6711 DSK.  Some new features of my new book compared with my previous book based on the C6711 DSK:
* There are 105 programming examples (as compared with 76)
* New Chapter on DSP/BIOS and Real-Time Data Exchange (RTDX)
* Very extensive Chapter on students projects (22 undergraduate and graduate projects) and Applications such as: DTMF, BPSK, Spectrogram, Speech Synthesis, etc.
The publisher John Wiley offers a 15% discount on my new book only if it is purchased after accessing Wiley's link FROM my web site at  http://ece.wpi.edu/~chassaing
An extensive Table of Contents and a list of the examples in the book are posted on my web site. 
I am currently teaching only Real-Time DSP at WPI (being semi-retired). Hope to hear from you.
Rulph Chassaing