TMS320VC33 DSK Coefficients

Started by male...@yahoo.com September 14, 2005


i have a TMS320VC33 DSK i have a question regarding the DSK
i am using matlab to generate coefficients uing the remez an FIR1
functions. However i am not getting the correct results and somtimes
none at all. i am using a PC spectrum analyser to look at the results.

I have the correct setup for the global control register EBF3000
and i scale the coefficients if need be.

if i loop back some music for example its ok but the DSP seems not to like
filters my FIR filter routine is set up correctly what i have noticed
is i have a set of coefficients which are in decimal for example 0.007666
and i get a nice band pass filter responce but not at the correct frequency
i am woundering if my DSP does not like the numbers being represented as floating point example some number e-5

i have design a script file in matlab that aligns and sets up a coff file
and includes them into the main scource file so that i dont have to worry how the coefficients are alined.

Has anybody had such problems with the tms320vc33 DSK?

i have ralphs chassings book which has been written for the tms320c31
and use the FIR filter algorithm with my AIC. He has managed to be sucessfull implementing filters with matlab and the C31. I can not see why
this should be much different from the TMS320VC33 DSK minus a different AIC