DSK3DW error message when execute freerun

Started by Yosuke Morohashi August 7, 2006
Hi people, i'm new in this group

Now, im working with VC33 University DSK and i have just tried a sample program posted by this group, basicaly newleonardo2004's code(signal loopback) with all fixes found also in this discussion, but always got the same problem when i execute Freerun. The next are the error message that appeared:

*A communication error has ocurred Attemping to Reinitialize Board DSK3DW will exit if initialization fails
*Host Port Communication Error Check...

I put a audio signal into board and continued the procedure but the effec is some hearable noise from output.

So i probed with single step execution and the loaded code run normally.
if someone have suggestion to fix this problem advice to me.

many thanks,