what happens when VC33 is in MCBL and there is no BL program

Started by puli...@yahoo.co.in November 7, 2007

I am using TMS320VC33 in MCBL mode.But till now we haven't done any boot loader programs, as we are in the initial stages of programming.We are simply writing some code for adc, dac etc for testing purposes.Initially it was fine.

But nowadays we find some kind of degradation in the performance of DSP in the sense that,after we run the program twice or thrice the dsp stops responding.hardware or software reset doesn't have any effect.the XDS510pp emulator shows it is still connected but there is no effect.sometimes an error pops up which says that trouble stopping the DSP.Keeping the dsp idle for some time also creates the same problem.We have to switch off the power of the board, take out the pp connector then pin it again, give the power again then only the code composer will start.

Is this something that I should be bothered about or will the dsp function smoothly after we have a proper boot loading program.

Thanking you