McBSP Initialization

Started by Leigh Wells June 8, 1999
I am attempting to initialize a McBSP on the '5410 to receive. I put
the port into reset by writing 0h to SPCR(1,2),
then write to configuration registers, wait for two clocks, enable the
port by
writing 1h to SPCR(1,2), then want to set bit 7 to 1 in SPCR2 to set up
internally generated frame synch. After I enable the
ports, however, I cannot write correct values to SPCR2. The register
value always
comes out as 0003h instead of 0083h after trying to set bit 7. I am
assembling and linking as follows:

ASM500 mcbspini.asm
LNK500 mcbspini.obj -o mcbspini.out -e entry

How does one generally go about setting up for internally generated
frame synch? I am following the serial port initializing procedure on
page 2-24 of TMS320C54x DSP Reference Set Volume 5: Enhanced Peripherals


Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Leigh W. Wells
Electrical Engineer
Acoustic Positioning Research