HELP : using expansion connector ? to control ethernet

Started by paolomarbun August 3, 2002
hi...my name is paolo ilham sola gratia
i am student at itb, indonesia..

i have a project to control ethernet card...build TCP/IP stack in DSP
C5402 with plattform DSK c5402..

controlling ethernet card needs 5 address bus (A0-A5), 8 bit data bus
(A0-A7) and signal to control IOWR(write), IORD(read), and reset
signal at ethernet

i am using DSK C5402,
i am planning to use expansion connector in that board..i am going to
connect X_A0-X_A4 and X_D0-X_D7 in expansion memory connector to
address bus and data bus in ethernet.

about the IOWR and IORD, i am using the DBIO ..using signal X_CNTL0
and X_CNTL1 in expansion peripheral connector...and reset signal..i
am simply connect the X_RST to reset signal...
and i turn on the DMSEL dip switch, because the expansion
connector/using daugther board need data space in range 8000-ffff

i want to ask :

1. Am i doing right so far ?
2. What else should i do before using expansion connector in dsk
c5402 ?
3.can anybody tell me the example how to programme or algorithm of
program in using expansion connector /daughterboard?......

the main event i want to do in controlling ethernet is
to write value to any address in ethernet
to read value from address in ethernet
using address pin(bus) and data pin(bus)at DSP through EMIF at DSP

best regards,