C5416 DSP Starter Kit -can it be used to do a Digital Mixer?

Started by Ulrich Prakash August 7, 2002
Hi all,

We are going to undertake a project on "Implementation of a Voice Channel
Mixer using DSP".

In this project,we try to conference 2 or more voice channels.These voice
channels are first converted into digital(using A/D).Then they are
digitally mixed and reproduced at the user-end(D/A is done here).
Here we propose to implement this Digital MIXER using DSP.

As we are new to DSP,we require some help.

1) Is the C5416 DSP Starter Kit enough to do our project?

2) Is Fixed point DSP sufficient to implement this or Is a floating point
DSP required?

3) What is the minimum RAM that we require in the DSP Kit(we should buy)to
implment/run this Mixer code? Please give your suggestions,which would help us in starting the project,
as we have not yet decided which Kit to buy so far........

Thanks in advance,

Hi Denis,

Thanks for replying.
The number of voices is minimum 2,but maybe around 3 to 4.
Data size is approx. 160bytes every 20msecs.

The voice inputs will be as RTP packets from different hosts,which will be
decoded at the DSP and taken as input samples to the Digital Mixer(at the DSP).

So for this,what might be the memory requirement approximately?

Thanks in advance,
PRakash. At 03:26 PM 8/7/02 +0200, you wrote:
>1) C5416 DSP Starter Kit is greatly enough (160MIPS).
>2) & 3) depends on the number of voices you wanna
>control? (2 or more ??? how many ?), what is the data
>size you are aquiring from your codec ?
>Denis, France, E.U