SNR measurements

Started by Mukul Bhatnagar September 17, 2002
Hi All
I want to test the performance of a noise suppression
algorithm running on a 5402 DSK .
Is it appropriate to use a known SNR noise corrupted
file as an input to the codec and record the output of
the codec on a pc (using something like a wav
recorder) to make such measurements. I am not sure,
how much will things like computer fan noise/ board
noise etc. might downplay on the performance
evaluation. The wav recorder etc. seem to be very
sensitive to recording/playback volume levels etc.
which adds normalization issues too - if i am not
What would be a better way to do a performance
evaluation in a "more real time" manner, instead of
simply feeding audio files in form of data files using
probe points.
Would appreciate any comments or careabouts to take
into consideration the complete hardware loop , but
yet not undermining the performance of the core code