TI C5416 DSK Assistance

Started by judicator_alerious September 19, 2002

I'm completely new to the realm of DSP coding and would be most
appreciative if anyone could suggest any books and/or websites that
would help me in my endeavor to understand how this is accomplished.
I'm planning to use a DSP to do a real-time FFT from a microphone
audio source, so that I can store the data in FLASH media and use
this information to generate a spectral graph on a PC.
Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with using DSPs to accomplish this,
such as sampling the audio from the microphone, and have found it
very difficult to find examples of source code that would help ease
my transition into this new territory. I am familiar with DSP
theory, just not the application. I have found a lot of information
concerning the DSP, just nothing that helps me in understanding how
to initialize the DSP, how to sample audio from the mics, etc.. Any
help or suggestions would be most appreciative. Thanks, in advance!



We are planning to get a C5416 DSP Starter Kit.
But we want to confirm this:

Whether the DSP Kit has USB AVAILABLE for connecting any other devices
is it a DEDICATED one,which could be used only for connecting to the
EMBEDDED JTAG emulator(The link in the TI site,suggests so,but pretty

Using the USB of the DSP,we need to pass data of 3 different channels
between the USB of the DSP and USB of the Host PC.

Any pointers in this regard would be helpful,as I am totally new to using USB.

Thanks in advance,