interfacing to a TI AIC23 codec.

Started by jmmtk October 17, 2002
Hi, i've been trying to figure out how to interface the AIC23 codec,
to the 5402 dsp.
Can it really be true that i need to use one of the MCBSP for the
control interface, and then use the other MCBSP for sending the
digital audio data?

hi every body

i am a new member to this group.

sir ia m doing a project on  image processing using  wavelets.i am using bi-orthoganal 9/7 linear phase filter(lifting) for transform and listless zero tree coding

for compression.we completed transform in fpga the speed we r getting is 110 mhz

or 110 msamp/sec . now we r doing the compression stage,how can we use fpga as co processor to c'54x to improve the processing?

if we do alone the whole thing in 'c54x what will be the maximum attainable speed.


thanks for reading this mail.




gupta ksrc.