A question about DMA-McBSP configuration~

Started by abbado78 December 6, 2002
Hello~ groups~~

I have a question about DMA-McBSP configuration.
Let me explain some cases.
The system that I ponder on has 3 McBSP(each including tx, rx) and 32
multichannels at each. The system has to process Time-switching by
connecting each channel. (For example, 0 McBSP-30 timeslot <-> 1
McBSP-5 timeslot, 0 McBSP-15 timeslot <-> 1 McBSP-6 timeslot, and so

At the time to appear DMA rx interrupt, functions that should be
implented are as follows.

After writing 32 data(which are from 32 channels) from McBSP DRR via
DMA at memory buffer(i.e MCBSP RX BUF) completely,
I have to load the 32 data which had been received at appropriate
memory buffer(i.e MCBSP TX BUF), and the memory data are transmitted
to McBSP DXR via DMA.

After 125us (next DMA rx interrupt), the same work have to be

How can I design DMA addressing mode(either multiframe mode or ABU
mode) and memory allocation efficienty in the aspect of memory

Could you explain the way to switch the channels concretely, please?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Gracious~~!!! HyungJune Lee