A problem about C5409 target system and CCSV1.1

Started by abbado78 December 6, 2002

I had developed DSP application programs by using C5402 DSK test board
(previous target system) and code composer studio v1.1 via JTAG and
XDS510 emulator.

Recently, my project team has designed our own target system board
including C5409 DSP chip and JTAG pin like C5402 DSK board.

However, I can't start code composer studio(v1.1).
Code composer studio setting environment is the same as previous
environment in C5402 DSK board.

Program warning message is as follows.

Can't Initialize Target DSP
I/O Port = 240

Board Name : C54xx DSK (Texas Instruments)
Cpu Name : CPU_1

How can I solve the problem?
It's hardware problem or code composer studio problem?
(for example, configuration problem or version problem(CCS V1.1)
relating to C5409 chip support)

Please help me~

Gracious in advance. HyungJune Lee