Flash programming and Spectrum Digital 5409 EVM board

Started by zektronix December 16, 2002
For my application I must download the .out file generated by Code
Composer 2.0 for the DSP TMS320VC5409 in the flash (AT29C257).
I downloaded from the Spectrum Digital's Web site the SDFlash
package, and I need some things to know:
Do I have to write the Flash Routines in my application in order to
perform the Flash download or do I have to start a new CC project and
write the Flash Routines, compiling and then start the SDFlash
application? The reason of an error message (Programming Target
Algorithm failed, at block address 0x0159-that is the beginning of
the .text section of the executable code) when I try to write the
chosen .out file by the SDFlash is related to the lack of these
routines in my code? Does anybody have the same experience?
Thanks for every help.

Mario Zecchin