rtdx assembly read

Started by doozer construction March 12, 2003

I'm using the RTDX assembly read macro to read data(one integer) sent from a
VB application.

The input channel is enabled.

My VB app returns a success transmit value.

I use the RTDX_ReadNB macro after checking the channel is not busy.

A '1' is returned in 'A' saying succesfully received but I can't see where
my data has been stored.

I'm using:

RTDX_readNB control_channel,AR5,#1

My confusion seems to lie over the 'buffer pointer' in this case AR5, should
the single integer appear in the AR5 register or the memory address of the
value in AR5 (it does neither) or something else?

Any help would be apreciated.