AIC23 current drain

Started by Unknown May 2, 2003
On a related note to my c5416 current question, I am measuring a
current drain of ~78mA from an TLV320AIC23 codec. Nothing is connected
to its input or outputs, MIC is powered down. According to the data
sheet its typical drain is 23mA when playing back or recording.


Brian C. Lane (W7BCL) Programmer
www.shinemicro.com RF, DSP & Microcontroller Design

I'm working with 5409 TI DSP. I make a board based with this DSP and now I
would start the board with de Code Composer Studio. Some body know if it's
necessary save a boot program into the DSP for connect the DSP with CCS
throw JTAG cable?
Thank's for all! ------
Narc Palomeras Rovira