54x DMA Initialization

Started by Leigh Wells June 23, 1999
Hi, all.

I'm setting up the DMA for use with the McBSP on the '5410. I have set
it up similar to how it is illustrated in SPRU302 pg. 3-50. Using the
emulator and DMA channel 1, the DRR1_1 gets loaded with data from an A/D
I have implemented, but I can't get the data to move from there. I have
specified a 32K buffer starting at 8000h, but these locations don't
change when I run it.

How should I get the DMA started? Is there a magic switch somewhere
that I haven't come across yet? Any help would be appreciated. If
someone out there has their DMA running I would appreciate maybe a
sample of asm code. Thanks

Leigh Wells
Electrical Engineer
Acoustic Positioning Research

Maybe you have forgotten to set up the DMA to trigger on receive event.
I have also a program where I want to use the DMA to save the data from a ADC, but I have not started the testing of this program on my hardware. So far, I have only simulated the code in
Code Composer Simulator, and this simulator does not support the memory mapped peripheral registers. So, I guess I will meet the same problem as you when I start testing this program on a DSP.
I see that you refer to SPRU302. Where have you found this document ? I have only got some
preliminary documentation describing the DMA and the MCBSP. I did a search on the Texas
hompage today, but I could not find this document.
Best regards
Torgeir Jakobsen
e-mail: t...@aanderaa.no

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