Rerouting McBSP on the 5402

Started by garymfriedman May 13, 2003

I have a question about the McBSPs on the 5402.

My problem is this. I have been given the 5402 to use for image
processing. I know the sampling rate of 16kHz is too slow however i
don't have the liberty of buying a new board with a better sampling rate.

One solution would be to reroute a McBSP to the memory expansion
interface to a achieve a much higher sampling rate.

From my understanding, one of the McBSPs is routed to the codec,
whilst the other is routed to the telephone interface.

I was wondering if it was possible to reroute the mcbsp from the
telephone interface to the memory expansion interface without
disabling the mcbsp routed to the codec.
Any help on this matter would be appreciated.