Re: Digest Number 582

Started by Vinodh Rathna N July 9, 2003
Subject: 5416 MP/MC Register

Dear All !

I have a question:

In the technical reference written that there is

MP/!MC Register that selects between MicroProcessor
mode to MicroController mode.

But the jumper called MP/MC !!!!

Is there any difference between MP/!MC and MP/MC ?

However setting the jumper on or off doesn't change
the value of the cpu register MP/MC !!!! Why is that ?

Can someone please help me ?!! REPLY

MP/!Mc pin is the correct.If you tie the pin to DVDD it wil operate in
Microprocessor mode with external memory, if you tie it to gnd it will
operate in Microcontroller mode with onchip ROM .
This pin will be sampled only on power on and may be u are changing the
jumper while it has already booted and expecting the cpu register to
change, which will not happen before power on u should the jumper and
the CPU register will be updated correspondigly...


Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2003 07:56:56 -0000
From: "Yuri_Feigin" <>
Subject: PMST Register (5416)

Dear All !

It is written in technical reference that the default of the IPTR
Interrupt vector pointer
is FF80h.
When I performing reset - I recieve 7F80 instead.
Why is that ?
Thanks in advance !


Just check your GEL files while loading the ccs . There you have an
option of changing the IPTR and many other cpu register values and
before you can see the actual default values in the window this GEL file
will change and it may give some other values...