configuration for interruptions

Started by Roberto Espinosa August 13, 2003
Dear Sirs/Madams,
I am using the 5402 Dsk. I am using the Mcbsp0 and I want that when the port
receives a data, an interrupt will be executed.
In order to do that, I write firstly:
IMR=0x0010 to enable Brint0;
IFR=0x3FFF to disable all interrupts;
asm(" RSBX INTM");to enable all maskable interrupts;Do you know another way to
put a zero in the INTM bit?
My first problem is that when I view the value of the address 1 in the data
space in the system memory (it must be IFR), this value is 0x0030 and it is not
But as I only need to use the interrupt associated to the Brint0 and the bit
number 4 is high, I suppose that it may work properly. Is it correct?
I have the following Isr:
interrupt void lee_dato(void)
{int i;
dato = MCBSP_read16 (mhMcbsp);
MCBSP_write16 (mhMcbsp,dato);
Each time the Isr is executed, I would observe in the stdout the word "entro",
wouldn't I?(Actually I don't see anything)
And I have the next file:
.global _c_int00
; .global _lee_dato, _escribe_dato
.global _lee_dato
.sect ".vectors"
BRINT0: BD _lee_dato ; McBSP#0 receive interrupt/*he intentado usar FB permite
salto entre pinas como me dijo Isidro pero este procesador no lo permite*/
And I have a 0x0001 in the spcr10 register so each time the bit rrdy is high,
the function lee_dato should be executed, shouldn't it?
I would be thankful to read any suggestions.
Thanks for your help.
Roberto Espinosa