sampling frequency

Started by Unknown December 5, 2000
Dear friends
we know that fs=f(MCLK)/2*TA*TB and fc6.8k/TA
we know also that 4<=TA<1

TA*TB must be integer,so if we take the minimum and maximum
values of TA and TB we get at that time 2.654kHz<= fs<d8kHz
from here we see that the maximum sampling frequency that we
can reach is 648khz.
My questions are:
1-in the data manual(TLC320AC01C,page 1-7 after the control flow
diagram)it is written there that the maximum sampling frequency is
what is the real maximum sampling frequency that I cannot exceed
2-in the programming of the AIC we need to initialize the gain and
the sampling frequency and the cutoff frequency,and this can be
done by using the values of TA and TB calculated before.
How to do it?must I respect the succession of the
order:xx|TA|00|RA|xx or there is an other way to do it?
best regards.