Configuring DMA to trasmit 8bit element through McBSP

Started by pitistef February 24, 2004
I'm actually facing a problem : I would like to transmit frames of
variable lengths made of 8 bit elements, using both McBSP and DMA.
I don't know exactly how to configure DMA and McBSP. I use the McBSP
event to synchronize DMA transfer but I don't know if I have to
configure McBSP in Dual-Phase (8/8) or Single Phase (8 but I suppose
there will be a problem with th DMA, won't it?). What do I set for
the DMCTR (size of the frame in 8 bits or in 16 bits?)
I'm quite new in DSP programming and have only an eval version of
Code Composer Studio (which don't permit simulation of DMA and
McBSP), so I can't test solutions for the moment (I'm waiting for
complete version of the tool, but I have to go through my quite slow
society administration...)
Thanks for your answers